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Community guidelines

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Rules & Community guidelines

The following text is the current version of the community guidelines for AlphaLink and ChilloutVR. We last updated the guidelines on August 14, 2019.


For missing or unclear points of this guidelines please contact us at [email protected]

(1) Platform requirements

You have to be at least 13 years of age or older to use our platform.
You may not have any active bans on other accounts. (multi-accounting generally is allowed)
You must have read our Terms of Service and Privacy policy as well as these guidelines.

(2) General rules for social interaction and content publishing

Your content and / or social interactions must never contain any form of hate speech including but not limited to language, symbols, and actions.
Your content and / or social interactions must never contain any form of discrimination against any of the following including but not limited to spiritual beliefs, gender, sexual orientation or any other personally identifying factor.
Your content and / or social interactions must never contain any form of harassment including but not limited to submitting false reports to the community team and approaching to individuals or groups with the intent to disturb, upset, harass or insult.
You may never organize or be part of hate groups or something similar.
You may never evade bans or sanctions.

(3) Impersonation

You may never falsely claim to be a part of the team of Alpha Blend Interactive or being employed by us.
You may never pretend to be a part of a group, squad, community or something else you are not a part of.

(4) Modification of game or content creation kit code

You are not allowed to modify any base code of the content creation kit or our games without our allowance. Modifying the said and / or spreading modified versions of our codes and / or claming our codes to be yours can and will get your account suspended
You are not allowed to create any form of cheat, crack bot or exploit any security breach or bug within our api, game client or content creation kit.
You may never upload files containing malicious harmful code or viruses or our services.
Every kind of third party software that is not considered an allowed type of created content (avatars, worlds and game modes) is strictly forbidden if not explicitly permitted by ABI. Breaking one of the mentioned points in this rule may be followed by legal consequences.

(5) Account management

All avaliable account management features are shown on the community hub known as gate. We do not allow to call our api directly with third party clients or software.

(6) Account restrictions

Any violation of a rule (written or not) may get your account restricted or banned for a timeframe the team member decides. You may appeal any ban at any time. You can not appeal again after one appeal has been denied by us. You may never evade bans by using VPN, creating new accounts or using other community members accounts. Ban evasion will result in a longer ban time.

(7) Using security breaches or bugs

Using bugs or security breaches is strictly forbidden and will lead the account to be permanently banned without any further warning. This includes but is not limited to modifications of the game client, the content creation kit, using bugs in the networking code or general game code, flooding or attacking our services with DDoS attacks or similar. See our bug bounty program for more information about reporting bugs or security breaches.

(8) Ripped or stolen content

You may never use any ripped or stolen content in our game or upload content that contains such to our platform. This includes but is not limited to content created by other members of the community and other game studios.

(9) Inappropriate content

You may never upload malicious content to our platform this includes but is not limited to "crash-avatars" (shader, light, script, mesh, particle, collider or bone based), content that has been uploaded with incorrect tags like NSFW models tagged as SFW or anything like that. This list is not complete and we will decide which content is harmful in our opinion on a case by case basis.

(10) Content ownership

You may only upload content licensed by or to you. You must have the license to upload content to our platform. By uploading content you certify that you have the full rights to use the content on our platform. You will be responsible for any legal action taken. Your content will always belong to you.

(11) Account suspensions and sanctions

We seperate any moderative action into 3 groups: warnings, minorly disruptive bans (for a specific timeframe) and majorly disruptive bans (permanent bans). These will be chosen by the staff member who handles the case. Any warning and / or ban will be visible for everyone with an AlphaLink account (shown on community profile).

(12) Appealing bans

Ban appeals or complaints may only be sent within the community hub known as gate. Appeals will always be processed by 2 different moderators and / or team members than the team member that processed the initial suspension.

(13) Third party sites

You may run external sites or discord servers about creating content or selling content for our games and platform. You always have to wear the following text in the footer of such websites: "This website is not run by or affiliated with Alpha Blend Interactive (abinteractive.net) in any way."