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Bug bounty program

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Bug bounty program

As bugs and backdoors can never be banned completely we accept everyones help in searching for them. Our bug bounty program is designed for experienced long term members of our community and is made to ensure that we can always guarantee a high quality product to be delivered to all of you.

A bug bounty program is a way for developers and publishers to let other people find bugs and security breaches and pay them for finding them so they can be fixed as soon as possible.

In the following list you can see the severity grades for our different services and the payouts you can get for each recognized found bug or security breach. Reported cases MUST be reproducible and match a specific category. Bugs or security breaches may always be reported but payouts are only done for bugs on the mentioned categories and based on the severity grade.

jdjfskjd table here

To report a case please use the following link:

Report bug or security breach